Saturday, February 27, 2010

Return to Sender

Remember that the end is built in,
Not derived from any senses, but
The end of any sense at the expense
Of an experience. Everything else
Comes from chance encounters, chance
Flounders when it comes to expectation.
The lick of an envelope, shoved into a box
To be sent off elsewhere, where it will be
Received by a less excited party, to then
Get thrown with everything else that’s
Been sitting on the counter. It envelops
Space, until eaten by a can, where forgotten
Materials enjoy the sunlight from the top
Of the trash mountain. Burns in an explosion
Sending off fresh embers. New suns, which
Revisit with a stamp saying return to sender.
Remember, that the end is built in. No accident
That you can’t encourage a greater difference.

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