Friday, December 25, 2009

I Took Too Much For Granted, I Got My Signals Crossed

Once when I sat with you I remember being particularly
Ashamed, on a bench lit yellow by fluorescent lights
With little thoughts of woo, a peripheral leaf
Danced like a bird pecking the avenue. Once, when
You spoke without stopping (a galaxy of words
Pouring like rain), you offered shelter, shortly
After finding a way. For a second the pitch
Changed, lower then the pavement on which
Puddles grew, my feet sinking deeper with every
Time I watched your lips move. I knew this meeting
Meant more to you, as you mentioned who I was
And the things I used to do. Buckets began to fill,
I could not contain the will to reach across the void,
But the thought of toying with a force greater than myself
Made wanting such a selfish act nothing more than a
Ploy: to pretend I’d traveled distances beyond sight,
That on that night I understood the loss of love tucked
In soft sighs, that when knees met it meant much more
Than hiding little nothings behind a black door. Your
Lack of confidence shook my bones (in retrospect it
Might have only been the cold), but to see your
Uncertainty was a type of relief I’ll never again enjoy.
I’m nothing but an unnamed boy trying to find himself
Through chance encounters; but ours was a meeting
Which I always will remember. I see the bench now
From the warmth inside, as the little leaf bird flies away.
Hopefully to give itself shelter from this rain.

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