Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lyric Exchange / If You Need Me

I'm a dancer only when you submit,
That deep scratch on your stiff neck
Shows me you don't regret a soft waltz
Embraced in longlegs. Your memory a maze
Blooming, the melting way your eyes bend
With a grin (again, you've felt something,
I can see it in a sunset), lost, however, with
A burnt leaf in a recycled notebook, hope
Charred by a dismissed gesture. Disappointment
For not finding better horizons, more pink and human, willed,
Still light and bleeding such profuse looks of bitter
And black neglect, no anchor to tug you towards
Now, where you're still smiling (of course, you didn't
forget). You are what a pair is, not a metaphor for more,
Instead another way of saying you need not shove down
My door, pave the road to your hut where I pluck
A few notes, which resonate the entire next day.
I try to remember the song when the dancing is up,
I try to remember that the dance is enough,
That there isn't a cup to hold such full memories.
And no bowl would be adequately adorned to capture
The sweet taste of your lovely lips, wide eyes, and my
Finger tips running up the ridges of your spine; more
Importantly, the sly way you sneak littlenothing goodbyes.
To say I understand is to lie, of course; and yours is a text
Whose holes beg to be filled, but not by force. So for now it sits
Next to the bed, waiting for the next cold night to be read.
So trust me, love: you have everything you need inside.
You loom, and you will own that gentle beginning
When the sun is exchanged for an illuminated moon.
For now, you can be a dancer, too, whose shifting will never end.
And if you need me, friend, I'll be in the other room
(Still dancing with the shoreline lit light blue).

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